National Nutrition Week 2021: History at a glimpse

”Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all diseases”

– Linus Pauling

Nutrition is the science of consuming foods. It is about eating a well-balanced healthy diet. The nutrients present in food will help you to be healthy from inside. We should have a healthy balanced diet regularly to get a healthy body. Nutritious foods not only help in growth of our body but also our mind.

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National Nutrition Week was first started in 1975 by American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics). In 1982, the Government of India has launched its campaign to make people aware about importance of nutrition and a healthy life style. Since then the first week of September( 1st-7th September) is celebrated every year as National Nutrition Week. As we all are aware of the malnutrition, one of the main hurdles in the path of growth of our country, it is very necessary to overcome it by educating people through mass campaigning, seminars, workshops, Counseling events, nutrition fairs, community awareness programs, webinars and social media.

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