Let us introduce our team

Papri Mukhopadhyay

A Blogger, Entrepreneur and Nutritionist. After completing her Masters in Food Processing and Nutrition Science from IIEST Shibpur she has stepped into the world of Entrepreneurship and Blogging. As a voracious reader by nature she loves to explore diverse arena of Healthy lifestyle, Cooking and Home decor.

Arnab Mukhopadhyay

A Researcher by heart, an Explorer by passion and an Assistant Professor by profession, Arnab loves to express his thoughts through organized words. He has completed his Doctoral research on Nanoelectronics from IIEST Shibpur. As a highly energetic guy he always feels the shear eagerness to come up with some new ideas. His enthusiasm and hard work construct the foundation of this project.

Ana Aguilera

Woman unquiet, analytic and passionate for the design, organization, and architecture. She completed her PhD in History of the Architecture and Theoretical Design in Japan. Her passion and creativity describe Ana as an architect that joins the balance of sobriety of Asian design with the vibrant contrasts of Latin-American.

Fernando Herrera

He is a passionate person for the technology, natural and human made beauty. His life philosophy is “having no limitation as limitation…”. He completed his PhD in Solid State Electronics in Mexico. Fernando has lived in 5 different countries discovering cultures, food, ways of thinking and living; finding the amazing that the world is when you take a trip to the next stop.

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