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This blog is a well-researched collection of exciting articles, information, facts and stories on multiple niche areas like health & fitness, foods & cuisines and handicrafts & home decors. It is indeed very rare to find a single platform that provides us numerous exciting and trustworthy information on our popular domains of interest. Therefore, we hope that you will be enjoying to explore handful of interesting fields through the QuesterHUB.


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National Nutrition Week 2021: History at a glimpse

”Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all diseases” – Linus Pauling Nutrition is the science of consuming foods. It is about eating a well-balanced healthy diet. The nutrients present in food will help you to be healthy from inside. We should have a healthy balanced diet regularly to get a healthy body. Nutritious foods not […]

National Nutrition Week 2021: Significance and Theme

”The first wealth is health” – Emerson In India, National Nutrition Week is generally celebrated from the 1st of September to the 7th September every year to make the people get knowledge about nutrition and the importance of it for their better health. Having healthy nutritious food is very important for our body. The combination […]

Architecture + Ornament + Design

By Ana Aguilera “The identity of a building lies in its ornament” Louis Sullivan A fundamental element in the design of spaces is that the details give them identity and uniqueness. I have to accept that for some years in my professional career I was completely skeptical and reluctant to consider ornament within architectural design; […]


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