National Nutrition Week 2021: Significance and Theme

”The first wealth is health”

– Emerson

In India, National Nutrition Week is generally celebrated from the 1st of September to the 7th September every year to make the people get knowledge about nutrition and the importance of it for their better health. Having healthy nutritious food is very important for our body. The combination of eating right food along with moderate exercise have a great effect on the body. Though we more or less all know about the importance of nutrition but in reality we end up with eating junks. On the other hand, still there are people who are unable to afford even a simple meal a day in India. In both cases, India is facing a huge nutritional deficiency. There are many people in India who have died of malnutrition or hunger. This scenario lays the foundation of the necessity of promoting the National Nutrition Week.

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Significance of National Nutrition Week

Malnutrition is still a big issue in our country, proper healthy balanced meal is very much essential. The number of undernourished children and women are more in the group of people with lower income. Since many years Government and many NGOs conduct mass awareness programs on nutrition and thus help the unaware people getting the importance of a nutritious diet. A healthy balanced nutritious diet is essential for a healthy human being. Ministry of Women and Child Development organizes the National Nutrition Week to aware people why nutrition is essential. The first week of September is observed to make people understand the importance of nutritious food for a healthy body and mind.

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National Nutrition Week 2021 theme:

The theme of National Nutrition Week 2021 is ‘feeding smart right from start’. The central Government has launched a program to raise awareness among people through various workshops, seminars and webinars. The aim is to impart knowledge about the benefits of well balanced diet to every citizen of our country. People from different background and parts of India will participate in various programs scheduled in the week-long campaign.

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