4+1 Reasons To Avoid Copying Internet Design Prototypes

By Ana Aguilera

“What is design? A plan to place elements in the best way to achieve a particular purpose”. -Charles Eames

When we are thinking about how to have the perfect contrast and balance in our rooms the first reaction is to take the mobile phone and search in Internet several houses as reference, but have you ever thought about the next points:

1.The Room Dimensions. Many times, you have an idea of the atmosphere you want to achieve in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or studio; however, when you click on the search engine you will realize that through the photographs you lose the true metric sensation of the areas. Therefore, visualize your space from its reality, not from the possible spatial unreality of an image.

2.The Lighting. When you take any model from Internet as a reference you should consider that many of these pictures were made by professionals and that they place various external sources of illumination that are alien to the original design of the space. The best is to analyze in depth what are the real lighting resources that your space has and take the greatest of them.

3.Fancy Furniture. The furniture is one of the most influential parts of choosing an internet image as a reference. Before you get hooked on that wonderful sofa or the majesty chairs in a dining room, please check your budget and above all reflect and verify if it really covers the functional needs in your family dynamics. Let’s avoid disappointments!

4.The Decoration. It is true that decorative elements provide uniqueness and personality to the spaces. You must consider that there are elements that serve only as an attractive graphic representation in magazines. Remember, between the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the energetic children, maybe a Chinese vase is not always the best option. Stick to your lifestyle and personalize your space with a design that gives you comfort and no worries.

+1 Advice: Follow your instinct and before deciding to search the internet for a thousand references about ideas for your living room, dining room, bedroom, etc., focus on the specific characteristics of your space and the activities that take place in it. Also, avoid making collages of ideas because the result will be simply a disaster. Organize all your ideas, define a style, and choose the basic elements that define it. 

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  1. Completamente de acuerdo, al decorar nuestro hogar debemos, primero, satisfacer nuestras necesidades sin descuidar la armonía y belleza, por ello es mejor que las ideas fluyan de nosotros mismos antes que de imágenes ya hechas.


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