10 Tips to get healthy hair naturally

Are you spending too much on expensive hair care products? But do you really get the desired results using those extravagant stuffs as shown in the commercial ads? I can bet your answer is ‘No’. The ads show us exaggerated results to attract the potential customers. But all of us like voluminous, soft and shiny hair very much. In place of those costly, branded hair care products, you can go for some natural ways to get healthy hair. Here are 10 tips to get healthy and shiny hair you always desired naturally.

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Know how often to wash

You have to wash your hair obviously for cleanliness purpose, but you do not need to wash it thoroughly for regular basis. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is enough for most people. Washing your hair less often help you in the regulation of your natural hair oil.

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Choose the right comb and know the brushing technique

If you want to remove tangles use a wide toothed comb. Wet hair is very much fragile so do not comb your hair after washing. You can use your finger to comb the hair when it is wet. When you are brushing, start brushing from the end and then take long strokes from the root to the hair end. This will prevent breakage of the hair.

Young woman brushing healthy hair in front of a mirror

Use conditioner

After using shampoo do not forget to use a conditioner to make your hair softer and smoother. Apply sufficient amount of conditioner on the mid and end of your hair. Invest in a good conditioner which suits your hair type. When you are using conditioner, mix honey with it to get more shine.

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Don’t ditch your old Tee

Instead of towels you can opt your old cotton T-Shirts to rub your hair after washing. They are very useful in this particular purpose.

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Moisturize your hair

To get a more smooth texture in your hair, apply a little beer in your wet hair. Massage it gently for 10 mins. Then rinse it well. Before shampooing massage oil to your hair. You can go for a mixture of yogurt and honey for a soft and shiny hair.

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Trim periodically

Trim your hair every 2 months to avoid split-ends. Trimming allows your hair to grow well too.

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Dry naturally

Try to limit the use of hair dryer. It can cause dullness and dryness in your hair. Instead try to air dry your hair. If you are running out of time do not forget to apply heat protection serum before using hair dryer.

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Use hair mask

Applying hair mask once in a month helps you to get the silky, velvety and shiny hair. There are plenty of hair masks available in the market. Choose according to your type of hair.

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Use Heat-protection

Heat is the enemy of your hair. You can use a heat protection serum or spray to reduce damage of your delicate hair. Always wrap a scarf in your head when you are in the sun for a longer period. It will protect your hair from heat and dirt as well.

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Eat right

A healthy balanced diet is the most effective natural way for hair care. You are what you put into your body. You may use many branded, expensive hair care products but if you do not have a healthy diet then all may go in vein. Adequate amount of protein is very essential in your diet to keep your hair healthy. You have to include egg, chicken, milk, soy products, fatty fishes (Tuna, Salmon etc.) and vegetables in your diet for a strong, smooth and healthy hair.

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