Work from home: Tips to stay focused and healthy

“Focus on being productive instead of busy”

– Tim Ferriss

Working doesn’t require you to step out of the home now. In this world wide pandemic situation many people prefer to work from home. While remote working has several benefits but it has some challenges too. As you are working from home, you may kick off your schedule but it may affects your productivity and overall health. It is necessary to manage the health and wellness challenges, as well as social challenges of work from home. Here are few simple tips to maintain optimal wellness and stay focused and healthy while working from home.

Dedicated workspace

The soft bed or couch may be tempting, but a separate designated workspace is must while working from home. Bed should be used in relaxation purpose only. So that when you are in bed, your brain get a signal that it’s the time for relaxation. Your workspace may be in the corner of your living or bed room but it should be dedicated for working purpose only.

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Optimal comfort

Invest in a comfortable office chair with a height that allows your feet to rest on the floor comfortably. Your neck should be aligned in parallel with your computer monitor. Try to arrange your desk space in such a way that your spine can be kept straight. Always try to maintain a right posture while working.

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Dressed up as if you’re going to work

Take a shower and get dressed up. It transduces signal to your brain so that you can transit into your work smoothly. You will feel competent enough for this simple task, so the productivity will be increased gradually.

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Healthy diet

As you are in home during lunch time, you should have a healthy lunch with proper balance of carbs, proteins and fats. You may keep some healthy snacks like fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts on hand and junk food out of sight. Go for home cooked fresh foods instead of junks. Don’t forget to take adequate water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

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Stick to a daily routine

As you are working from home it doesn’t mean you have to go to bed midnight everyday and wake up late. So get enough sleep at night and set a schedule as if you are going to the office. Then stick to it. Don’t forget to maintain a work-life balance. Your schedule should include a lunch break and an afternoon break.

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Create a pleasant environment

Make your work area calm and soothing which allows to lower your stress level and helps you to stay more focused. You can put some indoor plants on your desk or place your favorite showpieces around your desk. You can also set up your worktable in front of window to stay in touch with the nature.

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Take breaks

Take a 5 minute break every hour and do some stretches. Get up and move around your house. You may have a mug of coffee in those breaks. You can also take a lunch break to have healthy lunch with your family.

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Get outside

Make sure to get outside daily at least once to get some fresh air and sunshine. It also uplifts your mood undoubtedly.

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Make personal connections

It is very necessary for you to keep social connections. As you are not able to see your colleagues, you can be in touch with them over phone or video calling services. When you are walking in the afternoon you may invite your loved ones to your walking. Maintaining healthy social relations help you to be cheerful and motivated.

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