Nature: Inspiration of Contrasts and Combinations

By Ana Aguilera

“Love color. Take risks. Be curious.” Kelly Wearstler.

The color is one of the main factors in interior design. However, after having a clear idea of the color you want apply on your walls, the question arises: What color is the right one for the floors and furniture? It is true that there are neutral colors that allow you to generate subtle contrasts and keep you in a comfortable colorimetric range; however, have you observed the magnificent contrasts and combinations that nature shows us?

Consider the following tips that our natural environment gives us when choosing that contrast for your space:

1. The Colors in a Flower. If we stop for a moment, we will realize that generally, the perfection of a flower is reflected mainly in the combination of three colors. These usually belong to the range which in design is called “complementary opposite colors”. So, from now on stop being afraid to apply on the walls of your living room that lilac tone you want so much, accompany them with that intense green sofa and finally give it a special touch with an orange vase.

Photo By Matt Britney

2. The Contrast Between Shades of Green. It is true that thinking in a single shade may seem boring, but this can stop being so if you use with astuteness “the color intensity”. When we go for a walk, we can observe that long road trips are surrounded by vegetation in which greenish shades abound; however, nature is wise and provides each element with a different brightness. It’s simple! Arrange dark green and olive tones where you want to give the space a backdrop, emerald tones on furniture to provide luminosity and finally lime green tones where you want to give the sensation of “spatial expansion”. Nature is wise, play with the contrasts it shows us!

Photo By Aaina Sharme

3. Textures. No element in the plant kingdom is smooth or flat in its entirety. They contain textures that allow them to remove the monotony of its composition, that allows them to surprise us with their beauty to the touch or with the contrasts of shadows that causes each intricate element. Have fun and take a risk! Nature is the best teacher when creating our space. It is natural and necessary for us to perceive changes in the fabric of a design. So… Take a closer look around and you may discover that even in the plumage of a bird there are different roughnesses and smoothnesses.

Photo By Devon van Rensburg

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