6 best ideas to decorate the corner of your living room

By Arnab Mukhopadhyay

The living room portrays the persona and reflects the taste of its dwellers. A well-decorated living room stimulates creative souls and motivates aspiring minds. Be it relaxing after a busy day or watching your favorite TV shows or attending guests or playing with children and pet, the living room gives you company for a substantial period of time in a day. Commonly, we decorate our living room as per our requirements and aesthetics but the corner of the room is left forsaken. We round up some of the fascinating ways to give a perfect makeover to the corner of your living space that are congruent with your budget.

A well-chosen sectional

For a living room, a sectional is a nice seating option that can adjust itself into the corner. The structure is conducive for effortless conversation, rendering it appropriate for family times and entertainments. You can find varieties of sectionals of different sizes and shapes in different price ranges in the market. Choose one wisely as per your available space and budget.

A nicely organized corner shelf

The corners that are very tiny for a piece of furniture and pretty big to be left vacant can be decorated with corner-shelves. A small blank corner-space makes a fantastic stage for a built-in bookshelf. You can arrange various show-pieces, curio items, indoor plants and other collectibles in these corner-shelves. There are numerous ready made corner shelves and stands available in the market. You can customize your corner shelf as per your space availability by consulting with your carpenter.

Swings and Hang Chairs

Nothing enhances the fun like a cheerful touch in your living room. It will be a cool and cozy way to revamp your drawing room corner if you put a swing or a hang chair. The joy of the playful corner can spread across the room and effectively enhance the outlook of the living space. you can find hang chairs and swings in furniture stores as well as in haats and handicrafts stalls.

A Gallery Wall

Even a small corner space can be converted into an exciting gallery wall. It will be indeed eye-catching if you asymmetrically display your collections of paintings, drawings and photographs. Your corner space can exhibit your own artworks in a fascinating way and enhance the creative outlook of your living room.

A tiny Green Zone

If you are more inclined towards nature oriented decorations than artificial or furniture based ones then creating a small greenery at the corner of your living room would be the best way to express your interest. The small green corner will bring texture, colorfulness and a healthy fresh environment around your living area. There are numerous available indoor plants to choose from the both online and offline market places. Spider plants, Snake plants, Bamboo plants, Ferns, Money plants, Aloe Vera plants are some of the common indoor plants people largely use to decorate interiors.

A small Work space

A small corner of a living area can be effectively converted into a space of productivity. An organized work desk is appropriate to utilize the space for study as well as for professional work. A peaceful corner of a living space promotes concentration and creative ambience suitable for getting your work done. Proper selection of lighting can further enrich the environment.

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